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COVID-19 Update


dental exam roomOpen for routine dental care on May 18

I hope this communication finds you well. It’s been quite a process, but I am excited to inform you that we are ready to resume routine dental care as of Monday May 18. There will certainly be a new normal to how we operate, but we are excited to get back to doing what we love and seeing everybody back in the office soon.

To make an appointment:

There will be changes to our scheduling processes, please be patient as we do our best to accommodate everyone while we adhere to our new safety parameters.

How we will keep you and us safe:

Our office will be following guidance from various agencies, including the the American Dental Association (ADA), Ohio Dental Association (ODA), Centers for Disease & Infection Control (CDC), Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Ohio State Dental Board.

The protocols and policies we have devised cover topics which include:

– Scheduling
– Appointment verification
– Waiting room set-up
– Check-in and check out desk
– Consultation rooms
– Check-in procedures
– Prior to the appointment
– During appointment
– End of appointment
– Check-out procedures
– In-between patients
– Operatory specific infection control
– Aerosol containment
– PPE use for aerosol-generating procedures
– PPE use for non-aerosol generating procedures
– Lab disinfection
– Sterilization-area specific disinfection
– Radiograph
– General office space disinfection
– Common area disinfection
– Social distancing

I can assure you that we worked every single day during the closure on these protocols and policies and are ready for implementation now that Governor DeWine has allowed us to resume routine dental care operations.

It is my hope that you, and every other patient feels protected and safe knowing we are doing everything we can within reason to ensure a safe environment for treatment of any kind.

I feel that our office was a safe environment under standard infection control prior to COVID-19 and feel even stronger that our office is ready to exceed guidelines under the new environment.

What to expect when you return to the office

You might not recognize the place! Our remodel is complete (see photos below all of this text). A benefit of the timing was that construction took place while we were closed. There are always fine details to finish but the place looks amazing and we are excited to show it off.

As our previous letter mentioned we have made many changes including how we schedule and check-in everyone. As part of our effort to help with social distancing in the office we ask that ONLY THE PATIENT enter the building for their appointment. If the patient is too young to come in alone we request that only ONE parent accompany the child and please refrain from bringing siblings to any appointment. If you need to make special arrangements please call us so that we may accommodate you.

Please carefully read the following steps to ensure proper check in at your appointment.

  • When you arrive at the office and you are in the parking lot, stay in your car and call us at 216-831-1170. We will ask you a series of screening questions and will inform you when you can enter the building.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available as soon as you enter the office and your temperature will be taken. Hand sanitizer will also be around the office and we encourage you to use it as needed.
  • You will then be walked back and seated in the operatory for your appointment. Waiting room chairs will be social distanced and are for no more than 5 minutes only, if needed.

While we navigate through these unprecedented times we ask for your patience. We have added new protocols to our daily routine before, during and after every patient appointment to ensure your safety and these may take longer than expected. If we are running behind we truly apologize, but want to ensure that we are giving every patient the attention they deserve.

We appreciate all your patience and your trust in us. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future. Should you have any questions please feel free to call us.

Thank you!
Dr. Desatnik and the entire CHDG family

Some Upcoming Office & Patient Improvements

  • New Web Site – Our new Web site is scheduled for launch in about a month. It will have some real functionality to make interacting with us more convenient.
  • Online Appointment scheduling – You will be able to schedule your appointment entirely online through our new Web site 24 hours a day
  • Online forms completion – You will be able to complete all office and patient forms directly online through our new Web site 24 hours a day
  • Automated check-in process – All check-in procedures can be done ahead of time and completely automated through your smart phone
  • Office text messaging capabilities – For your convenience if you choose, you will be able to interact via text message with the office
  • Wellness Plan Program – We are putting the finishing touches on our in-house Wellness Plan Program. This program will be an attractive alternative to paying traditional insurance premiums with real benefits to all enrollees.



Check-Out Desk with protective guard

Check-Out Desk with protective guard


Check-In Desk with protective guard

Check-In Desk with protective guard


Consultation Rooms

Consultation Rooms





Social Distanced Waiting Room

Social Distanced Waiting Room


Hand sanitization station

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We have decided to delay our opening until 5/18/20 to ensure all our safety precautions are in place and to finish some of our remodel to maintain social distancing standards.

Stay well and safe,
Chagrin Highlands Dental Group


To our valued patients,

We wanted to give you some updates with the understanding that this is all still fluid and we are trying to follow orders from the CDC, ADA, ODA and the State of Ohio. Unfortunately, we have been at the mercy of the government mandates on how quickly we are able to communicate new developments because they seem to be constantly changing.

We are currently trying to “open” our practices on May 11th.

I wanted to take a moment and update you on where we presently stand regarding the re-opening of our office. The need for dental services are mounting and the prevention of smaller problems from becoming much bigger problems are the forefront on everybody’s minds – the longer we stay closed the longer it will take for oral cancer to be diagnosed and latent dental problems will, unfortunately, become acute dental crises. I can assure you that Federal and State leadership has been made well aware of these concerns by Dental governing organizations and grassroots campaigns. I want you to know that we have not been idle in our downtime from direct patient care. Here are just some of the steps we have taken and the steps we are going to further take when the office is permitted to return to non-emergency care services.

We are working to implement the following steps to ensure that the office environment is the safest it can be and that care is delivered with as little risk to everybody involved as possible. We have developed a written special COVID-19 Infection Control Policies & Procedures Manual. This manual outlines both steps we will take and steps we will ask you to take to ensure that our environment is safe for you and for us before, during, and after each patient visit.

While Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements have not been finalized by Government authorities (part of the reason Dental offices remain shut down), we have taken the approach that more is better and are prepared to comply with all suspected forthcoming requirements. We have ordered advanced PPE such as head coverings, N95 respirators, foot covers, gowns, and face shields. Some of these items we were able to obtain right-away and others will be delivered prior to our re-opening as rationing steps are eased and dental offices are included in supplier demand matrices. We are actively working on PPE protocols and will be in compliance and likely even prepared to exceed these requirements when we do re-open. We ordered and will install room HEPA air filtration systems in every single operatory and all shared common spaces around the office. Each of our 6 dental operatories are 120 sq. ft., these particular HEPA air purification units are rated to cover nearly 400+ sq. ft. so no inch of treatment space will be left unprotected.

HEPA air purification unit

In addition to internal aerosol containing protocols, we purchased, and are awaiting delivery of, multiple mobile extra-oral vacuum systems to aid in the collection of unavoidable aerosols generated during treatment. I witnessed a test the other day by watching the unit extinguish a lit match from over 5 feet away! These will be a game-changer in our ability to keep the office as free as possible of airborne particulate.

extra-oral vacuum system

In addition to safety measures, we have taken some time to put together a new payment offering to assist with financial concerns. We are aware that finances might be a concern to many of our patients and we want to do our part to assist where we are able. We are excited about this new offering and look forward to sharing more information as details are finalized.

An update on office construction. If you had been in the office since January you have seen the partial remodel in progress. The remodel has proceeded during the closure and is nearing completion. We expect to be up and running with the new space on time or shortly thereafter once we re-open. While we have had a tremendous opportunity to spend time with family, we are looking forward to being back to work doing what we love to do. We will communicate further once details become clear and we have a final plan in place. We are always available by phone or e-mail. Phone messages are checked multiple times per day. Until then, be well and stay healthy!

Dr. Desatnik and the entire CHDG team

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