Gingivectomy / Gummy Smile

A gingivectomy involves the cosmetic reshaping of a patient’s gum line. We do this to remove excess tissue and make your teeth look longer, wider, and more pronounced.


At Chagrin Highlands Dental Group, Dr. Desatnik and his skilled team use dental laser technology to carefully adjust and reshape the gums. For patients with a “gummy” smile, this procedure can enhance their smile and restore their confidence!

What Do Gingivectomies Treat?

A gingivectomy is used to remove, adjust, or contour a portion of the gums. This procedure can be done for cosmetic or restorative treatments.

Many of our patients feel that their gums cover too much of their teeth. They want their teeth to be more prominent when they smile. With this procedure, we can remove a small amount of tissue from the edge of the gum line. With precise dental lasers, Dr. Desatnik can painlessly remove excess tissue and beautifully enhance your smile.

We also use this procedure to treat patients with severe gum disease (periodontitis). Gum disease occurs when bacteria spread beneath the gum line and cause infection in the surrounding tissue. In some cases, this can be treated with a professional cleaning. Unfortunately, when the gums are severely infected, a gingivectomy may be the only treatment option.

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Is This Procedure Painful?

Here at Chagrin Highlands Dental Group, we use advanced dental laser technology to perform gingivectomies. Lasers are more precise and effective than other tools such as scalpels. Generally, dental lasers result in less bleeding and discomfort. At times, they can even reduce your recovery time!

To ensure you are comfortable during your procedure, Dr. Desatnik will apply a local anesthetic to the affected area. You will remain conscious, but will not feel any discomfort. If you are uncomfortable with dental procedures or have dental anxiety, we also have several sedation options available. We are committed to providing a comfortable, pain-free experience to all of our patients!

How Can I Learn More?

Gingivectomies are excellent for cosmetic and restorative treatments. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic solution to your gummy smile, or are suffering from severe gum disease, Dr. Desatnik and his committed team are here to help.

If you would like to learn more or schedule a consultation, please call our office at 216-464-9800. Together, we can find the perfect treatment for your dental needs!

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